Mordeco | Father's Day Must Have | Gift Guide 2023

This is what we prepare for your Father's Day Gift!

Happy Father's Day to All Dads!
Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to show our love and appreciation to our fathers. Finding a special gift to express our emotions is crucial. In this Father's Day gift guide, we have curated a selection of unique and practical gifts that will make this day even more memorable.

Exclusive Fragrance Gift Set: NanoSprayer and Moon Rock Diffuser

Original Price $64 up --- From 1 June to 18 June $35 up 
NanoSprayer and Moon Rock Diffuser are perfect gifts that allow fathers to create their own scent experiences. Whether it's using the Moon Rock Diffuser in the study with relaxing essential oils or carrying the portable NanoSprayer to family gatherings, brotherly reunions, or important work occasions, they can easily change the fragrance according to the environment. Each use will bring back wonderful memories.

In addition, these gifts can also be paired with scents that are nostalgic for your childhood memories with your father, such as the smell of car leather seats, his favorite cologne, or the scent of his shirt. Remembering the good old times and creating new memories together, the NanoSprayer and Moon Rock Diffuser become vessels of cherished moments. These two products are designed to be durable with no usage limitations, featuring sturdy metal construction and user-friendly operation. They make the perfect designed gifts for Father's Day.

Father's Day Gift Set

The NanoSprayer is a portable perfume atomizer made of high-quality metal. Its innovative design eliminates the need for a cap and replaces it with a rotating switch. With a 5ml capacity, it is perfect for everyday and travel use, meeting the airline carry-on baggage standards. The bottom of the NanoSprayer is equipped with a hanging hole, allowing it to be easily attached to bags, keychains, and other accessories, reducing the hassle of searching. It comes in two materials and four colors to choose from. The silver and gold options are made of stainless steel, providing smooth operation and a solid grip, making them an excellent choice for gifting. The black and pink options are made of lightweight aluminum alloy, perfect for those who prefer compact and lightweight travel essentials. Additionally, we offer gift packaging and custom engraving services, allowing you to complete all your gifting needs in one go.


Moon Rock Diffuser:
The Moon Rock Diffuser features a lunar-shaped aroma stone made of natural volcanic rock material, known for its porous properties that allow for multi-layered fragrance diffusion. Paired with a solid stainless steel base, it not only provides durability but also a substantial feel. It can be placed in any orientation, resembling the different phases of the moon. You can spray your favorite scent onto the stone, creating a unique and personalized fragrance ambiance. This diffuser is a perfect gift for Father's Day, whether placed in the study, on the office desk, or in any space where a subtle and exclusive atmosphere is desired.

NanoSprayer & Moon Rock Diffuser

Revov Tray Box:
Another fantastic gift option for Father's Day is the Revov Tray Box. This product has become our star product and is currently in high demand. Those who have used it can't stop praising its convenience and impressive design features. Whether it's a dad who enjoys DIY projects and has a messy garage workbench, a dad who works from home or has an office, or a dad with a passion for collecting everyday carry items (EDC), the Revov Tray Box is perfect for them.

One of the standout features of the Revov Tray Box is its magnetic rotating switch mechanism, which significantly improves upon the common issue of other similar products requiring two hands and more cumbersome operations to open. Based on customer feedback, this feature not only makes daily use more convenient but also provides a satisfying interactive experience. When feeling stressed during work, a simple slide of the switch can bring a sense of relaxation. The lid of the tray box is crafted from beech wood, chosen for its warm and smooth texture, enhancing the overall tactile experience. The lower compartment is made of aluminum alloy, providing stability with a weighted bottom and non-slip pads.


To complete the gift-giving experience, the Revov Tray Box offers custom gift packaging and engraving services. It's a thoughtful and practical gift that your dad will appreciate. Surprise him with the Revov Tray Box and let him organize his essentials in style while enjoying the innovative design and functionality.

This Father's Day, let's celebrate our fathers by choosing thoughtful gifts that reflect their personality and create lasting memories. The NanoSprayer and Moon Rock Diffuser, along with other fantastic products we will be adding shortly, are just a few options that can bring joy and appreciation to our dads. Remember, it's not about the gift's price tag but the sentiment behind it. Show your love and gratitude to your father with a gift that speaks volumes.