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NanoSprayer - The Customized Refillable Perfume Sprayer, 5ml Travel Atomizer

NanoSprayer - The Customized Refillable Perfume Sprayer, 5ml Travel Atomizer

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The Refillable Perfume Sprayer For Everyday Carry

Sleek and Smooth way to open!

100% Metal Made, Extremely Durable

Carry Everywhere Effortlessly, Best Travel Atomizer

In Your Pocket

From your pocket

With Your Keys 

With your keys

Or just hang it on your bag

Hang nanoSprayer on bag


Pain points of existing refillable perfume sprayers on the market.

  • Leak easily 

  • Too Fragile, most of them are made of glass.

  • Difficult to carry, sometimes you even have to look for the cap.

Introducing NanoSprayer

  • Leak Proof.

  • 100% Metal Made.

  • Carry with you effortlessly.


Leak Proof! Carry Carelessly.

Leak-proof design added extra rubber stopper.

Tested in a vacuum environment and personally used for over 3 months, never leak a single drip.


Never Shatter!100% Metal Made

Different from most of the glass-made perfume bottles on the market.

nanoSprayer is 100% Metal Madeextremely durable, and stay attractive in all kinds of scenario.

Black: Ultra Light Aluminum
Gold: Titanium Surfaced Stainless Steel
Silver: Stainless Steel

Carry On Everywhere Effortlessly

The tiny bit size allows you to carry it everywhere easily, so you can stay attractive anytime anywhere.

Never Lost Your Cap Again, Cap-less Design

The sleek and smooth opening mechanism, so you can open it with style and effortlessly.


The Refill Way Is So Simple

Adapting Nozzle is included with each nanoSprayer, it fits any kind of perfume.

Fill in easily and no leaking!


Multiple Way To Use

Most of us have not only one kind of fragrance, maybe one for work, and one for a date.

Our recommendation is to own 2+ nanoSprayer, so you can switch between them as you wish.


Different Fragrance: For Work & For Dating

So Many More Ways to Use it!

nanoSprayer multiple way to use



Matte Black

Silver & Gold

nanoSprayer specification sprayer-head
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