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Revov Magnetic Rotating Coin Storage II Customized

Revov Magnetic Rotating Coin Storage II Customized

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Revov Coin Storage is made for an entertaining and practical means of organizing your messy coins. 

What Makes Revov Coin Storage kinda Awesome... 

Configured to Organize Your Messy Coins!
Drop off the coins in the SLEEKEST way!
※Every Currency slides in easily even the Australian 50-cent coins! 

The Effortless Way to Open, "Magnetic Rotating Mechanism" 
The floating magnetic lid swings open and into place with an oddly-satisfying, smooth motion.

Minimize the contact, it feels like the lid is FLOATING!

Addicting, Bouncy, Satisfying...You Name It!

Or any other small stuff around your house. Dice, Jewelry, Paperclips...etc. Let's make this messy stuff disappear!

Wood + Metal
With the upper lid made of beech wood. You will feel the warm touch of wood every time you open it.

The Aluminum body keeps it steady and extremely durable.

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