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Revov Combo : Coin Storage II + Tray Box $109 with Free Wood Pen

Revov Combo : Coin Storage II + Tray Box $109 with Free Wood Pen

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Make 2023 the year to keep your home comfortable, clean, and uncluttered!💐

Add some lovely flavors to your cozy space! Revov Combo helps you build a productive and comfortable home office. Inspire your creativity every day. 📓🖊️


Revov Coin Storage is made for an entertaining and practical means of organizing your messy coins. 

What Makes Revov Coin Storage kinda Awesome... 

Configured to Organize your Messy Coins!

Drop off the coins in the SLEEKEST way!

※Every Currency slides in easily even the Australian 50-cent coins! 


Creating the most effortless open experience. Making for an entertaining and practical means of organizing your Everyday Carry. 

  • The most effortless and fun way to open: ''The magnetized floating lid''
  • Compartments: Designed for Organizing your Daily Essentials
  • The Upper Lid was made of 100% beech wood with a unique wood grain that makes each Revov one-of-a-kind.
  • The Aluminum Bottom Part lowers the center of gravity, added with a slip-resistant washer, making it steady to use.
 The floating magnetic lid swings open and into place with an oddly-satisfying, smooth motion.  Minimize the contact, it feels like the lid is floating
*No Divider* 

Configured to Organize your Daily Essentials

Speaking of functionality, the configuration of the upper lid is tailor-made for people's Daily Essentials. 

We listed the most common objects in our daily life, and inducted the measurements of each, to make sure it fits all needs. 

Personalize your Revov Combo

1. Select the custom option

2. Choose a font from the picture below and leave your choice in the message

3. Leave the content when checking out (Order special instructions)

For example: White+Custom/Black+Custom_Font-Beat Way_Content-Mordeco

If you have any questions about our personalization, please feel free to contact us at


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