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Revov Magnetic Rotating Tray Box (Customizable)

Revov Magnetic Rotating Tray Box (Customizable)

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Effortless Open Experience. Organize Your Everyday Carry with Style.


  1. Effortless and fun opening: The magnetized floating lid
  2. Compartments designed for organizing daily essentials
  3. Unique 100% beech wood upper lid with a distinctive wood grain
  4. Aluminum bottom part for stability, equipped with a slip-resistant washer
  5. Flick, open, and head out with style and ease


    Keep your everyday carry objects effortlessly organized.

    Experience the satisfying smooth motion as the floating magnetic lid swings open and locks into place.

    Tips for Smooth Tray Box Rolling:

    Apply lubricant or oil to the pin slot (both top and bottom) before use to enhance smooth rotation.
    If the rotating mechanism feels stiff, apply lubricant again and repeat the action. Avoid forcing the mechanism, as it may become stuck.
    No divider for versatile organization.

    Configured to accommodate your daily essentials perfectly.
    We have carefully measured and considered the dimensions of common objects to ensure a tailored fit for all your needs.

    Featured on minimal goods.

    Personal Engraving Instructions:
    Please enter your desired content in the order along with any special instructions.
    Make organizing your everyday carry effortless and stylish with our innovative design. Order yours now!




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