Corporate Gift

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For us, the definition of Custom Orders is not just about showing your logo nor how fancy the package is. Its about how to present a

Outstanding Gifting Experience.

By adding your own branding, a tailored message to your clients, customers or other valued business partners. It built a physical connection and a constant reminder of a partnership worth cherishing.

Why Gift mordeco?

Gift Should Be Outstanding
Stop gifting ridiculous USB keys and cheap t-shirts! With our award winning designs, which are not only visually appealing, but also have practical means that may definitely stand out and be memorable.

Premium Retailers
Let’s be honest, have you ever checked the price of a gift you received? When recipient look up our products, it can be find in high end retailers selected stores with positive reviews.

FAST Delivery
Order usually only takes 5-10 days to deliver. We have experience working with last minute shoppers and buyer who are screwed by other suppliers that has a deadline to rush. Just let us know your needs, we will do our best to deliver.


How Custom Orders Works

Step 1. Fill in the Inquiry Form

Step 2. Quotation Confirmation

Step 3. Simulation & Sample Confirmation (5-7 days)

Step 4. Production (Avg. 5-10 days, depend on the volume)

Step 5. Order Fulfilled!


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