Mordeco Gift Guides 2022

Mordeco Gift Guides 2022

Still, worrying about the Christmas gifts?

Let's help you find the perfect, special, and stunning gifts for all the beloved people in your life.

Begin with who we think would love the gift, and we will help you realize why we recommend it.

But first, let us present you the gift-wrapping service.


Gift wrapping ( Order with Personalization FREE )

We know it might be too much trouble for some of you to wrap your gifts.

To save you time and energy, we prepare the gift-wrapping service for you.


For office workers, jewelry lovers, EDC enthusiasts, and college students

Revov Tray Box can help them better organize their tables, and a clean desk will make people enhance their efficiency.

People have difficulties organizing because they don't know how to do it.
Or sometimes it's because they haven't found the smart organizer so it's easy for these people to quit managing their desks.

Office workers may find their desks are covered by stationery, keys, earphones, and other things they need during their work.
Revov Tray Box is able to make the table clean again effortlessly.

It's very convenient because we connect the tray and the box with magnets and a pin.

Even when you are in a hurry, your desk won't be messy again because you open the box and put the upper lid somewhere else.

Yes, it was an organizer for the office desk and the table in your bedroom.

But look what our customers do with it.

This is a picture we got from one of our customers.

He used it to better organize his EDC collections, all the gears can fit in nicely.

If your friends or family are also EDC lovers, we strongly recommend you to choose Revov Tray Box as their gifts.

As for this one, she used it as her jewelry box.

Maybe you will think "I don't really have that much jewelry that need a box to store them."

The benefit of using a jewelry box is to encourage jewellery to be stored in a central location, which reduces the chances of losing it or forgetting where it has been placed.


For commuters, fragrance lovers, travelers, and anyone who likes outdoor activities.

What's your experience when your try to carry your favorite perfume in your bag or luggage?

It might leak, it might break into pieces, and it might add more weight.

nanoSprayer will be a great helper for commuters who might need a little spray before their meetings or dates.

It's also wonderful gear for travelers, 5ml of the perfume can be carried with you on the plane.

We've run a test, 5ml is enough for you to use it 100 times.

As a gear made for outdoor users, it is 100% metal made.

We also add a hole at the bottom so you can hang it with your key or on your bag.

When we buy gear we usually want it to help our life easier, right?

With nanoSprayer, you won't need to spend five minutes to find the atomizer in your bag or try not to lose its cap of it.


For dads, husbands ,children, and more

We've heard many customers complaining about their husbands throwing coins everywhere in the house.

It might happends when they don't have a coin section in their wallets so they are used to put coins in their pockets without second thoughts.

When they come home, they just empty their pockets and put those coins and keys in the hallway or living room or bedside table.

You can change the situation with Revov Coin Storage.

The upper lid is made like a funnel so you can drop off the coins once and for all.

It's smarter than the piggy bank, and its convenience of it can make people more willing to organize their messy coins.

Why is it a functional gift for the kids?

The way it opens creates an oddly, satisfying experience.

The kid can learn where to put their coins or small toys in a funny way.


Gift Combo | Limited Edition | - No need to choose, you can have both and save more at the same time.

Revov Tray Box + nanoSprayer $85 (Save $19-24)


Personalize your gift $5

Who wouldn't love a custom and practical gift for Christmas?

A study by Vistaprint revealed that about twice as many people (66%) say they prefer a heartfelt and personalized gift over a generic gift worth 100$.

We provide laser engraving for all three products.


Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

Mordeco wish you a merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful time with people you love.

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